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Frankly Phyllis

The Parade of the Year

What do this year's election campaigns and parades have in common? They both march people's stuff for all to see! Has the prolonged, tedious, relentless pre-election hoopla tainted or tormented you, enlightened or informed you? With freedom of speech comes freedom of ideas-and not all are created equal. Still, the fact that we can say what we choose in the United States is a blessing. It has even prompted me to wax poetic:

We sat in Rev. Wright's virtual pew, heard him rant and rave and-whew!

How could Obama not oppose, say those who thought they knew what to do

Hillary's misrememberings frame part of the pics that we see

Distracting from her position as first successful woman presidential hopeful in our history

John McCain's tendency to "cross the aisle"

Leaves conservatives aghast, wary of his political style.

We freak out over a candidate's outlandish proposal to add taxes and tariffs

We bemoan border control policy and lack of sheriffs

Freedom is on trial

Voter turnout sets records all the while

More involved in the fray

Hope against hope it goes their way.

Still, the exercise in democracy is working-each one free to profess

Our country's strengths along with her weaknesses.

The world watches with baited breath...

Which way will we go on matters of life or death?

No single issue is likely to topple or uphold our liberty

But how will it add up cumulatively?

As the players reassemble on the political stage, some now take lesser roles. As the fireworks go off this Fourth of July, let us reflect on our history and thank God for the vast freedoms we enjoy. Wherever I travel in the world, people may not agree with some American positions, but they inevitably marvel at our freedoms. I celebrate Independence Day in the good ole USA knowing that ours is the country people want to get into, not out of!

Whether or not our politics agree, on some level we can all celebrate the hard-won freedoms of our land. We can thank God for our freedoms and the honorable men and women who fight for them. When it comes to choosing future leaders of our nation, may we pray for discernment about what matters most. No one will ever get it perfectly right. Oh, say can you's time to rely on God to help our native Land. Long may she ever stand. Let His freedom ring!

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