Lord, You are the master of the heavens and the earth. I thank you for your mercy and faithfulness.

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Frankly Phyllis

Managing Spills

The worst oil spill in US history left more than BP holding the bag. Top kill efforts to plug the leak failed. The damage now and into the future is inestimable. Many lives and livelihoods have been shattered. There appears to be No one who knows what to do for rescue and recovery. We are amazed and flabbergasted that in this high tech age there are more questions than answers. Like Monday morning quarterbacks, we wonder why such a disaster was not anticipated with an action plan in place. We ask, Why no action for so long? Who approved drilling so far out in the Gulf, a mile deep for oil, instead of in more shallow waters? We know that water and oil don't mix. Why not use existing technology, like Kevin Costner's ship that sucks up oil spills, water and oil and all? It then separates out the water to toss back into the sea. It stores the oil in a storage tank attached to the ship.

If this catastrophe, observed worldwide, is so puzzling, then is it any wonder that when "spills" seep in and pollute our lives we're stumped? We can call those accountable for this disaster to task, and that's fair enough, but what about disasters in our own lives? In our personal lives, how many of us have an action plan in place if something goes wrong? In this economy, plenty of us regret having no backup plan, if a job is lost or money disappears in the stock market or an anticipated raise isn't given. This is not to mention relationship failures, discouragement, fears and daily challenges that add up and spill over into negative emotions. A lot of these spills occur when we're digging for "energy," seeking a pipeline to sustain our lives.

My privilege as host of Woman to Woman® is to bring you experts who help us dig for questions and find answers with life-giving hope. You meet men and women who have been challenged as you are. In addition to the books or thoughts they have on healing and wholeness, they just happen to have found their way through the "spills" (the ones we call "sins") by faith in Jesus Christ. Often their initial top kill efforts were futile. Their lives were shattered. And then they met God in His Word or in a sermon or song or person who tells them that He is their rescue and recovery, through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. No spill is too large or too deep.

In fact, He offers quite the opposite. In Daniel 2:22, "He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him." The hidden things are revealed to us through our faith. Jesus says, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." As evidenced by 1300 Woman to Woman® guests over the years, when He shines the light of understanding into a person's life, answers follow.

Pray for the thinkers of solutions to the oil leak in the Gulf, and get up close and personal and ask God to reveal answers to your personal spills, too. See what happens! Frankly, His existing "technology" is so precise that He even walks on the water to prove Himself to those who believe. Now there's a pipeline you can trust!

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