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Frankly Phyllis

Sweet Taste of Easter

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! I've heard those words at Easter since before I was born, but it would be a long time before I understood what they meant. In fact, the Easter "draw" for me as a kid was the Easter egg hunt and the candies, especially the chocolate bunny wrapped with a bright yellow ribbon. My mom would put our chocolate rabbits on top of the refrigerator and break off an ear or a nose, just the right size -- she thought -- to satisfy me without putting me into sugar shock. Strangely enough, that chocolate rabbit was gone before I knew it, and I gradually realized I was not the only one eating my rabbit!

Those disappearing paws gave me pause and must have made a big impression, because I would dream about the chocolate Easter Bunny getting stolen. I was not too fond of the dark anyway, so my imagination was pretty keen at night. I had it all planned out: A robber would break into our house and go right for the chocolate rabbits on the refrigerator. I would summon all my courage and tiptoe downstairs, loaded for bear...or should I say loaded for bunny! The robber would wear a mask and hold a flashlight, but I would boldly confront him with the Good News that he didn't have to steal and that it was going to get him in a lot of trouble when he finally got caught. I would urge him to meet Jesus, who could help him find a better way, and then he would leave and I would go back to bed, mission accomplished.

I never mentioned those repeated dreams until recently. Now that I can have as much of the chocolate Easter rabbit as I want, the dreams have stopped, as has the craving for the rabbit. But the craving for wanting people to meet Jesus who will help them find a better way, always a better way, did not go away. I do wonder, was that dream a metaphor for the sweet things that would be stolen from me in my life later on and a reminder that I could trust God to look out for me?

Do you remember your childhood dreams? Have some of them played out? I've had plenty of experience with sweet things being stolen since my chocolate bunny days. My childhood innocence, of course, that's a given. I initially worked, as a young woman, for one third of what men doing the same thing were paid. I've been downsized at work. I've hired on in good faith thinking I'd be paid (after all "The laborer is worthy of her hire!" the Bible says), but with no pay until nine months later when I requested it. Like you, I've been baffled, befuddled and done in by irregular, difficult persons to whom I was drawn and by whom I was dissed. [link to shows on PDI and Fools] It's all part of life and learning. It was all used by the Lord to draw me to Himself. Looking back, I'm thankful because He landed me on my feet to follow Him!

Now I'm the one who says, "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!" I know, and am continually learning from Him through His Word and His people, what that means. For sure it means I am drawn into His presence, even though I can't see Him. It means I do not have to strive to achieve and measure up to human standards, but instead love others and rest in His life, which works in me to do the work He sent me to do.

The mystery of it is that through His death, I am called to life, here on earth, and eternally with Him. Frankly, it's all a lot sweeter and longer lasting than the chocolate rabbit. And it never disappears, no matter how much of it I taste. A Blessed Easter to you and yours!

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