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Frankly Phyllis

Discount Through Faith

Who knew? My recent surgery was followed by plenty of bills! Imagine my delight when I called hospital billing to see if I indeed had the final bill; I wanted to pay everything at once instead of paying it off in bits and pieces. The person answering the phone gave me the total amount and cheerfully added, "If you pay this total today, you will receive a 20% reduction!" It took a millisecond to accept the offer. I put it on my charge card which I pay off each month, which then incidentally also pays me interest on what I spend each month! So, out of the blue, I not only saved the time I would have spent writing a check, but I made interest by using my charge to save what turned out to be $200 on my medical bill. Talk about a win-win! It almost offsets some of the residual pain from the surgery!

This experience inspired me to call my utility company to check on a bill that seemed too high. I'd put off handling it, thinking I was probably mistaken. But it turns out it was an estimated bill and they'd added a one in the total, making it one hundred dollars too high! Once again, a little effort saved me money.

There are of course things from which I cannot save myself, like my errors in life, my irretrievable mistakes, and the ways I offend God - what the Bible calls sin. Even though my intentions are good, my flesh is weak and there I go again. I ask Him to make me cognizant of my sins so I'm aware and can anticipate my choices and go to Him for resistance. That works some of the time, but still I sometimes ignore the message. On occasion I ask God if He overcharged me or if I haven't already sent in what I owe Him. His response is an undeserved delight and surprise for me as a child of God. He's a loving heavenly Father, and He forgives me for the sake of His Son Jesus Christ, who paid the price in full for every single way I mess up. What a discount! All I have to do is accept the payment and believe it's out of His love for me, His "no matter what" love. As someone once said, "Lord, speak truth into our circumstances."

Have you had any surprises lately where you've saved money or time when you didn't expect it? Is it easy for you to accept God's "discount" through faith in Christ for the ways you "owe" Him that He writes off with His love for you? I'm interested in the insights He's given you. Send them to me, because frankly, sharing is one way the Lord strengthens our faith!

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