You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 116:11

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Frankly Phyllis

Accepting Your Assignments

Their daddy walked them to school a week early to find out which of the two teacher options they were assigned in 1st and 4th grades. Anticipation was high. Would they get their favorites?

As their mom, my daughter Jennifer, saw them in the distance returning home, she recognized the slumped shoulders of her returning Lillian as indicators. Emma's skip said that she had gotten her first choice, but little Lillian was in tears. She got neither the teacher nor the classroom friends she had hoped for. As my daughter tells it, they sat together on the couch, Lillian crushed and Jennifer seeking wisdom to soothe a six-year-old's heart. She began, "Lillian, what is one of God's gifts to you?" Lillian looked up between sobs, "I make friends easily." "That's right, Lillian, and what does that mean when you go to school and don't know anybody -- not even the teacher -- the first week?" Lillian paused, and then said, tears abating, "I'll make friends easily."

What options will you be assigned in life today? Our October shows tackle situations that can make our shoulders slump like Lillian's did on her way home from school. You'll hear from women about breast cancer, grandparents parenting again, step-parenting strategies and healthy rebounding as an adult child of divorce. None of my guests picked these options as their first choice, but the answers they found will downsize your fears and energize the gifts God gave you to respond in trust that He will see you through to the other side of your more difficult assignments.

Lillian is learning early in life that in whatever situation she finds herself, it's never bigger than God's love will help her handle. I know we're all grown up and we like to think we can keep the lid on, but we can't always. In fact, how often can we really? It's not overly critical or self-effacing to admit that we can only control for so much. So why not call on the name of the Lord who keeps His promises to watch over us and guard us in all our ways? He'll sit on the couch with you any time you need Him. He'll remind you of who He is, what He's given you in His Son and what gifts He's given you to help you handle the problem at hand. So settle down, have a seat on the couch and expect Him to show up. Pray, certainly, and then listen. Listen to the nudges He gives you through others and when you read what He says to you in the Bible. There are answers to your questions. There is hope for your disappointment. He helps you face tomorrow!

Lillian has been in school a while now, and it's going well. Frankly, her mom's encouragement on the couch was just the reminder she needed. This little chat with you may be yours!

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