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Frankly Phyllis

Back to School

If we learned one new thing every second for 3 million years, we wouldn't wear out the brain. Astounding design by our Creator, eh? I learned that fact in school! Are your school supplies ready to go? Fall is here, bringing a clean slate, new teachers, fresh subjects and lab partners wherever school is starting up again. The exhilaration of fall competes with the thrill of New Year celebrations. Maybe it's because we're building tomorrows on our yesterdays, aiming to do better, reach higher and learn more.

The new school year offers a clean slate, even when we're not in school! Maybe it's leftover from our school days, but it's easy to get invigorated by fall with the memory of fresh starts. The clean slate optimism hopes that something will click and we'll be off and running! Of course last year's average may have dragged you down. Was it the geography separating you from a loved one or the math of the economic crunch that gave you fits? Our grown-up autumns might not give us completely clean slates, but you know what I mean.

We may have stopped formal education, but our schooling never stops. The school supplies change, and the classroom is unpredictable. I consider Woman to Woman a kind of school for life lessons. Sometimes we explore things like how to go for it when the naysayer rains on your parade, as you'll learn from this month's visit with Carl Werner, MD, who followed through on a med school bet with a fellow student that ended up sending him around the world on a great adventure! We'll tackle the "school of hard knocks" with Tami West's wisdom from her book Life Without The Monsters, particularly the anxiety monster she personally conquered. September's last two shows will teach you how to be your own health advocate and what to do when life-threatening mistakes are made.

We learn "woman-to-woman" that God supplies what we need for every circumstance in the classroom of life. No matter what "grades" haunt our past, with God the slate is clean, because our sin was covered by Christ there on the cross as He paid the punishment for all sin. His mercies are fresh every morning, and His forgiveness is total no matter what we've done. He wipes clean the slate for the sake of His Son, our ultimate advocate, who stands with us. That's been a hard lesson for me. I can too easily keep track of my wrongs and lose sight of my "rights." That's Satan -- he tracks past failures and disappointments, but he has no clue about the future. Otherwise, why would he have thought that nailing Christ to the cross would put Him out of the picture for good? Instead it brought Christ back into the picture forever, for my forever and yours!

This fall, let's go back to "school" knowing that God will teach us exactly what we need to pass with the flying colors He calls "faith." That school supply will help us scale the learning curve no matter how steep it gets. In His classroom, we'll actually want to stay after and hang out with The Teacher!

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