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Frankly Phyllis

More Than Lunch

March has always been a month of surprises for me, so it was a wonderful change this February when my long-time friend, Annette Phillips, booked lunch with our mutual friend, Lorelei Zavaglia. Life has taken us in different directions, and it's been years since we've put our heads together, so this get-together was a real treat. You can see in the picture below, we had a good time! Have you done that lately -- just gone out with friends and had a good time without expectations or goals or bottom lines?

Both women go way back with me, so we reminisced. Lorelei was a neighbor whose personality and strong Christian faith were a safe haven for me when I needed a shoulder, an encouraging word, a great recipe, or a good laugh. Years ago, facing major surgery, I packed my suitcase with three valuable things: my Bible, a brand-new pink terrycloth bathrobe, and a small pillow Lorelei had designed and made for me that Christmas. I was armed and ready for anything. The surgery ended up being canceled (that's a whole other story, believe me), but I knew then my friendship with Lorelei was a no-matter-what relationship.

Annette lives 35 miles away, close to the high school our sons attended together. She refers to a room at her house as "Brooksie's Room" because Brooks slept over when winter weather hit or when the mood hit, too. Annette pulled alongside me when I started up Woman to Woman. Back when I was still using my typewriter, she was computer literate and kept insisting I would love it. When I tried the kids' computer, I'd have to wake Brooks up at midnight to save lost documents for me, but Annette provided tech support, general cheer leading, and mentoring when needed. She also inspired newsletters and suggested show guests. She was the wind in my sails!

Our two-and-a-half hour lunch was a treasured rarity. We covered everything from catching up on husbands and kids to Annette telling Lorelei to be sure to get Microsoft Office® flexibility on her new Mac computer -- or something like that. We talked politics, solutions to world dilemmas, and how our lives have changed. We remembered Annette addressing our Bible study group 20 years ago on pornography when it was just then surfacing as the destroyer it turned out to be. We talked fun stuff, too, and took a pleasant stroll down memory lane. It was a laugh to hear Lorelei tell how my mother-in-law approached her mom pushing Lorelei in a baby buggy, leaned over, and asked the baby's name. "Lorelei, but we call her Lodi," Lorelei's mom replied proudly. My mother-in-law, a teacher with strong opinions, replied, "Lorelei, what a beautiful name. What a horrible nickname!" From that day on "Lodi" was dropped, and she was "Lorelei."

We shared the stories God continues to write with our lives, our loves, our disappointments, and our joys. After lunch I went back to the studio and called them both for some sound bytes on motherhood, which you'll hear in the Mother's Day show: "That's Funny, Mom!" Frankly, this one lunch experience got the wheels rolling in my head in a fresh way with ideas for the show. It wasn't a business lunch; I had no ulterior motive to brainstorm ideas for Woman to Woman, but it happened anyway. That's how it is with good friends; you support and build one another up without even knowing it. I bet Lorelei has no idea the pillow she made is still such a comfort piece and that I lean against it in the chair when I write -- yes -- even on my laptop! Because of Annette, I've given four perfectly good typewriters away.

I want to stay connected to friends more regularly from now on. I know this March will be full of even more pleasant surprises -- for me and for my friends.

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