A torn jacket is soon mended, but hard words bruise the heart of a child.

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A Little Think

Seeing Jesus Through the Distractions!

Where I exercise, they post signs featuring distractions and inspirations. I like the inspirational quotes, but others drive me nuts. Really, when I focus on Weed Tan Ditch Ants, it scrambles my brain. Some of you come up with what it says (We don't stand a chance) quick as a wink, proving all brains are not wired the same.

Brain scrambling happens in real life, too. I attended the Get Motivated Seminar in St. Louis, one of 17,000 who marveled at getting $200 tickets for $1.95. It was totally worth it to hear in person Laura Bush, Lou Holtz, Kurt Warner, Collin Powell, Rudy Giuliani and others, all day long. My brain was ok with that. I took notes, got motivated and headed out with the masses into the pouring rain - with no umbrella, new shoes, and four city blocks to walk to my car. I was kind of floating on all the inspiration and information, so I thought maybe the puddles wouldn't be that bad. However, with the water runoff across the sidewalks and standing for the red lights, it was very sloshy.

But when you've been motivated all day with, "Every person is born with greatness inside" and "You have the potential to succeed with your God given gifts," what's ten minutes of rain? Your attitude punches through the clouds. I was doing pretty well, even with the clouds soaking my new shoes, but the person walking a few inches in front of me presented a challenge without even knowing it. I was already being drenched by the rain and every time she'd walk under a low tree branch, the water would tumble onto me from trees and her umbrella as well. I was feeling pro-active and thought about asking, "Could I share your umbrella? Could you hold it lower to miss the branches?" But forget it; there were only five more minutes to go to the car. My options were zero, barring finding shelter for an hour, which would have thrown me into rush hour traffic to miss my next event. I couldn't get out of the rain. I couldn't get out of the way of the splashing from above and below. I had no choice but to laugh and lug my soaked self a few more city blocks to the parking garage.

After an hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic, I was so glad to get home and into something warm and dry. That experience was like some relationships in which I get sloshed and soaked with the runoff of, not rain, but people's behaviors that I'd prefer to avoid -- the difficult ones, who don't notice that you're in the wake of their anger, grumpiness, and unhappiness, who wouldn't let you in to help or let you get out of harm's way even if you asked them. Sometimes we have no choice but to stay close to get where we're going.

It can be as confusing as the sign mentioned above and we decide, "We don't stand a chance!" That's when we speak Truth to fiction. You've probably seen the sign or picture of indiscernible letters and beneath it reads, "Can you find JESUS in this picture?" You stare and can't. You stare harder and get dizzy. And then when you relax, pay no attention to what's even in that picture, He pops out clear as day. His intent is to be in every situation that makes us dizzy, drives us nuts and is otherwise unsettling. Look for Jesus in your design. Don't worry about finding Him; He promises to find you! Have a little think about it!

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