Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

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A Little Think

Take Away Value

At a women's retreat in Michigan I heard coughing that sounded just like my Mom. She's been in heaven for seven years. After about the fourth coughing spell, I looked around for the one person out of 200 who was coughing. It was my sister, who lives 600 miles from us, so I don't see her much. I didn't realize she had my Mother's kind of cough. That cough instantly threw me into history. It doesn't take much to remind us of what matters most. My mind went back to when my Mom attended this annual retreat; it went back to her reaction and her notes on the speaker's presentations.

It was a sweet moment that made me wonder, what are we giving people that matters most? What's the "take away" value of knowing us? Of course, my Mom left much more than the sound of her cough or the instant recognition of her recipes. We all have brief encounters or a lifetime of knowing someone. On a brief encounter with an audience recently, I shared my "Kids, Clams and Copycats" talk with a parent-teacher event. Afterwards, a woman I'd never met came up and said, "I never expected to be 48, with a child who brings home her newborn for me to help raise! How can I handle this with love?" The tears were streaming down her face and the line behind her was long. I reached into my bra and pulled out a tissue. "This is fresh. The fragrance is Issey Miyake and you are one of six million grandparents in the same situation. Please go to www.womantowomanradio.com and pull down the "Grandparents as Parents Again" show. God has equipped you. You will make it!" We hugged and chatted a few more minutes as she used the tissue. That was a brief encounter with "take-away value."

You know someone who is sick, scared, bummed out, thrilled, promoted, or dancing around! Do you allow yourself to be reminded of what God has impressed on your heart and soul? Cough it up ... you used to go to church; you used to go to God. My sister's cough reminded me of my Mom. Someone struggling reminds me of God's nudge to bring them to Him through my reaching out in some way. God's Spirit is the Helper, the Comforter. I can only go so far with a person, give them only just so much to take away. The Holy Spirit pulls alongside and stays there. Have you thought about it that way in a while? Watch for reminders to be doers and not hearers only! Have a little think about it!

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