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A Little Think

June Memories

Just for fun, think back on your best June memories and write them down to remember not only events, but other sensory perceptions. I did it for a second and up popped graduation memories. The fragrance of peonies from my Wilmette, Illinois childhood home linger to this day. Playing "Pomp and Circumstance" on the violin, 2nd fiddle, in the Avoca School orchestra, such as it was, in 7th grade for the 8th grade graduation ceremony. I see, in my mind's eye, Mrs. Thoms, our "all business" conductor, about whom we worried because her husband left her for another woman. She never missed a beat. My son, born in June...spectacular. Catching fireflies, snipping lettuce and chives from the garden, anticipating a harvest from the starts of other plants. All June! All celebration!

My husband's memory of June as a young boy makes him itch! On Memorial Day it was his job to hold in his lap, for the ten minute ride to the cemetery, the bucket of peonies gathered for the revered family gravesites. He was relegated to the back seat of the car, surrounded by aunts, of whom he was fond, in the front seat and next to him. He was not fond, however, of the ant population crawling all over him on that ride every spring!

He was then put to work weeding around the grave stones to "get ready," without comprehending why. On Memorial Day, he still tends the graves of generations whose flowers he once held, laying peonies from our own garden as the final touch. Are those loved ones beholding peonies on the other side? We shall have to wait for the great "Pomp and Circumstance" to find out. Meanwhile, we care for God's great green earth on this side with joy and anticipation for what is to come. As it says in Psalm 69:34 --"Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them." Have a little think about it as you tend to your garden, mow your grass or simply enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Share your June memories with me and let me know if I can pass them on to others!

June celebrations are contagious!

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