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March Hair - A New Look

Spring puts me in the mood for a new look, and that means a haircut. Whether you go to a stylist, hair designer or a barber, you know the angst of getting the right look. Pondering a haircut is like all the fuss about a forecast for snow: people dash to the store, fill up with gas, and batten down the hatches. That's all well and good, but if we get snow worthy of a trip to the store and I don't make it, I might finally get rid of those soon to expire cans in the back of my shelf and some of the freezer stuff I've forgotten about. I'd also stay home and be still for a welcome change! Unless you're out of medication or baby formula, you know the snow and ice will all melt eventually. Just as often, we go through all that fuss for what amounts to a few flurries. It's like that haircut -- we stress and go through all kinds of commotion, finally take the plunge, and inevitably, when we get one notices or says anything. Yet, just like the panic before the snow storm, the hair fuss escalates every single time.

I got to thinking, when Michelle Obama got her new "do" in January, it was noticed with ooh's and aah's. I wonder how she chose it. Undoubtedly, with a personal staff of nineteen people, she has access to a few more resources than you and I do. But did she use a computer to draw different hairstyles around her face shape? We could do that. Did she pour through fashion magazines like we do? If I had a hair salon, I think I'd have at least ten nice wigs in different styles and colors for women to try on. Isn't that a good idea? You could wear a pageboy for an hour, a frosted look for 30 minutes, a flip while you paged through magazines!

I have two pictures in my wallet right now to run past my hairdresser. He'll say the hairstyle is great, but will I actually go through with it? No doubt we'll go back and forth and decide, no, I will not take that kind of time on my hair each morning. I'll say that my style has to be one I can just wash and blow dry, without any extra fuss. He'll then be nice enough not to point out that the women in my picture have long necks and pear shaped faces and I don't. I'll go home with my usual style.

It seems to me, change would be a lot easier if we could try it on to see if it works first. My blog the week of March 13 describes how my doctor in college was so intent on helping me lose weight that he handed me two bowling balls to make his point. I needed to lose more than that, and I did...there was a catch, though. But I digress - that's a blog story!

On the Woman to Woman® show and Web site, as well as in my personal appearances, I try to help you "try on" different approaches to your life challenges. If I could, I'd have you try on a worry-free life for a day and a codependent- free life for a week. As a matter of fact, the March shows will steer you toward a new look, to help you spring out of whatever has you stuck, puzzled or frustrated. The topics include how to be the best mom you can be, changing what you want to eat to choosing what's best for you, the basics of a balanced life that has you wanting to wake up to each day, and identifying and dealing with abusive relationships. You'll have an opportunity to "try on" some amazing concepts that can enhance your life and produce positive change, all with less angst than your next haircut!

But you know what I'd like you to "try on" most of all? It would be to trust the Lord to manage how everything will turn out. You still give it your best shot - you don't just sit down and wait for the cow to milk itself. You go about your daily life using your God given gifts to serve Him and your fellow man, but the angst about how everything will turn out in terms of success and popularity...of whether you'll take home the Oscar® in your field...of whether your child will achieve his potential in school...that all can be put to rest and free you up to enjoy your life and your relationships and your God. The old proverb puts it this way: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:5,6). It's a path worth exploring this spring. Have a little think about it!

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