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Open Your Love Letter!

Who writes letters anymore...or has the time to read them? I know one little guy who does both! My grandson, James (age 4), recently asked his mother for an envelope. "Why do you need an envelope, James?" she wondered. "I'm writing Oma a love letter. How do you spell Oma?"

When his mother called and told me this story about my grandchild, I was touched by the urgency of his request. I waited for the letter, and when it came, I made sure I had time to read it: "OMA WALLACE HERE IS - YOUR LOVE - LETTER! JAMES"

This love letter will stay on my refrigerator for a long time, and it will stay tucked in my heart even longer! There are many ways to express love. This one makes me smile. I feel loved when I read it. It makes me want to do something for love, for the giver and for others as well.

One thing I'll do because I feel so loved is help you kick off your New Year with

Phyllis' 5 Ways to Know You're Loved in 2010

#5. You're getting this newsletter, so you know I'm thinking about you and finding encouraging ways to pull alongside you in your daily challenges and delights, through the Woman to Woman® show, the Book Club, my blog and these newsletter articles. If anything piques your interest, send me an email -- I love to answer them personally! Now is that love or what?

#4. You made it through the holidays and welcomed in the New Year, one way or another. It's a fresh start! In '09 you tried ways not to do something and came up with a few approaches that didn't work. They're not failures if they open the door to success!

#3. You've reached an age of maturity where you can let go of the stuff that doesn't matter so much. You realize maybe it never did matter to begin with! You can enjoy the walk of relief as you laugh gently at yourself and with others more often to celebrate the moment.

#2. You can be pleased to know that if you learned one new thing every second for 3 million years, you wouldn't wear out your brain. Your brain records 100,000 million messages every second while you're thinking, deciding, processing. Fascinating that your brain only weighs about 3 lbs, even after chocolate indulgences or too many holiday parties. A woman's brain is slightly larger than a man's; now that should make you feel loved by your Creator!

#1. In the great year 2010, even if your husband, kids or friends forget your birthday -- let alone which birthday it is -- the One who authorized your birth in the first place will never forget.
Jeremiah 29:11 says, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"

Obviously, we won't feel loved 24-7, all year. At times I actually may not feel very loved at all, in the sense that people might not tell me or show me they care. Some will even purposely show me they don't care! I used to pull out my psychology training and analyze that person; labeling their dysfunction helped me. I'd even share my diagnosis on occasion, whether requested or not. But I've found that this doesn't really help and that trying to force people's love is a lot tougher than running to Jesus, Whose arms are always open. It's not copping out -- it's being drawn in, by His Love which doesn't ask me to go through hoops, jump higher or prove myself better. He simply loves me for who I am because I am His.

When I think in this way, I can go back to loving more freely -- even loving those people who so clearly do not love me. And that's the neatest part! His unconditional love works in me ways to creatively love Him back, and you, too! I come to Him with an empty cup and He fills it up, then it spills over on to you, and we can both come back to Him for more.

There's a love letter waiting for you, too, when you open the Bible. Read about what Jesus brings into your friendship with Him, about why you do what you do and what to do differently to get a different result. He knows you so well and loves you so much, and the diagnosis He brings to you actually softens the blow of the reality of our sin and makes real change from the inside out possible, because He's the change agent! He also forgives our sin and empowers us to turn away from it in the New Year; you don't have to crank it out on your own!

When you're overflowing with His love, then you'll want to do like little James and say or write to someone, "Here is your love letter!" I'm wishing you many love letters in 2010. You're off to a good start -- you've just finished reading one! Have a little think about that!

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