I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against You. Psalm 119:11

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A Little Think

Wrong Turns...Right!

My friend Judy and I were on a wild goose chase -- my fault -- to find a silent auction at a VFW during our vacation. Without realizing it, I had the wrong destination in mind, and even that destination was so "in mind" that I couldn't find it. I stopped at the wrong location first, then I cruised the little coastal village where it had to be, searching for auction signs on every block and a few side streets. Nothing. I only knew about the auction from an acquaintance I'd seen while riding my bike that week. He waved a poster, asking if I'd post it in my neighborhood. Sure! When he mentioned the event location, I grabbed one word of the place, not reading the poster as I put it up. Life is short; so many posters, so little time.

So we were in what turned out to be trivial pursuit for a location, based on the one word I remembered: Point... Point Something. After wasting 20 miles of fuel without finding even a sign pointing to the event, I conceded my pride to drive back to the poster I'd tacked up on the community bulletin board. On the way into town, there, as plain as the nose on my now embarrassed face, was a small sign stuck in the ground: "VFW" with an arrow. By now, VFW could as well have stood for Very Frustrated Women!

Finally, we had fun at the auction visiting with Vets and their families, and I won the bid on a very old marshmallow tin made in Chicago. When friends come over, they'll know where to find the s'more ingredients. Sweet! But just as sweet during the meandering drive was s'more opportunity for conversation about forgiving ourselves when we mess up. The wrong turns were made right, even though I had just wasted 30 minutes of a perfectly fine Saturday morning on a wild goose chase. Since Judy and I seldom see each other, we enjoyed being lost together, reflecting on various wrong turns we've made on life's journey. We decided it's amazing that we've reached as many good destinations as we have. "And yet," as Judy noted, "we keep going back and making the wrong turns again and again!" Yeah, I thought. I even hit the same old chuckholes in the road of life even after I know they're there!

That is one reason God was generous enough to leave us His Word, the Bible, with a "map" to remind us that we live not by sight only, but by faith in His Son Jesus Christ. He points God's attention in our direction, so we can get from here to there by faith, even without "seeing" most of the time. We can learn from where we end up. This silly side trip with Judy reminded me to laugh more on the way and do better next time by reading the posters I'm given!

In a way I'm putting up more posters with Woman to Woman© this month, to help with the "living by faith and not by sight" part of your life. Heidi Floyd tells us about her breast cancer journey, joined by her teenage daughter, Alex, who shares its impact on her. Then we feature a subject of growing interest with more than 6 million children living in households headed by their grandparents or other relatives. On "Grandparents Parenting...Again!" you'll meet one grandmother, Janet Hall, who did not anticipate her new role and is frank in describing how she copes, along with Sylvie de Toledo, an expert in the field, and Roger Sonnenberg, MDiv, a counselor who brings hope to this growing phenomenon. Two additional programs offer great insights for stepmomsand adult children of divorce. And of course, Halloween conjures up spooky images like the ones our guest, Anne Rice, used to write about. She'll join me at the mic to talk about the Christian fiction she writes now and the journey that led her back from the darkness to her faith.

All in all, the month of October offers a colorful array of programming to "leaf" you with lots of information and inspiration. You'll have plenty of opportunity to "have a little think: about that!

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