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"What Did You Do This Summer?"

"What'jado this summer?" is a question the youngest White House residents, Sasha and Malia, could answer with animation. They went to Paris on a shopping spree in shops open on Sunday just for them and to parts of the world most of us only dream about visiting. What a great summer! Hopefully other kids will learn from their adventures as well. When your father is President of the United States, you have a ticket to fantastic places!

How was your summer? You probably didn't have that kind of ticket, but I hope you figured out how to "take off" without breaking the bank. Fun in the sun can be free and still bring us away refreshed. You may or may not live vicariously through my summer blogs about my own adventures. They haven't all been vitamin D and grins, but I certainly enjoy sharing them with you!

Are you like that? Do you have someone who enjoys hearing about your adventures? If not, you understand what James, age 5, experienced when he got home from our summer at the beach. On his last two days, he learned to ride his two-wheel bike. After gleefully donning the helmet and the knee and elbow pads, he pedaled tirelessly everywhere his mom or dad would bike with him. He watched a red fox casually graze near our deck and deer with their young feed on raspberry bushes near the beach. On the last morning he discovered "the one that got away" out in front of the cottage. A huge -- or what was left of a huge -- walleyed pike had been hauled up from the lake, probably by the fox for his breakfast. At the same time, the Coast Guard was on a rescue mission out on the lake with boats, a wave runner and helicopter scanning the waters and beach. There was a lot to take in, all within 200 feet of us!

After a 10-hour drive, James' family arrived home and what did he ask? To go next door to see Tommy, of course! How about tomorrow? No, it had to be now. Ok, after all he had to tell his buddy, a year older, that he could ride a bike now, not to mention regale him with stories of the fox and the Coast Guard.

In a few minutes James came back, head down, across the back yard. I'm not sure what happened exactly, but apparently Tommy was rather unimpressed by James' summer. His mom's take was, roughly: "That's life. May as well learn young that everyone isn't going to be as excited as you are about the same things."

Did you feel your shoulders slump when you read about James just now? It happens. It's unrealistic to expect standing ovations or even acknowledgment of our accomplishments or ideas in life every single time. Tough lesson for James, and a tough lesson for me to this day! But what saves us from going under when we get the indifferent response? Experience has taught me to enjoy the moment, and if someone else does too, bonus. If no one else does, it's still my moment to enjoy and remember. Of course, sharing doubles your pleasure, in a sense, but not sharing doesn't have to rob your pleasure.

I do shows on successfully dealing with people who intentionally rain on our parade and overcoming life circumstances that try to steal our joy. No matter how anyone responds to the sweet moments of your summer, I hope these shows can remind you to thank God for the memories! Your father may not be The President of the United States, but your Heavenly Father rules the world. That gives you a ticket to fantastic places. The Bible reminds us that "Times of refreshing come from the Lord!" Power and money are optional when you have the privilege of being His.

If the learning curve on this one is still a bit steep for you, pretend like you're in school again this fall. Go to Jesus to teach you lessons you need to know about the places He can take you. His price is right; He already paid it! For you, it's free for the asking. Have a little think about that!

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