Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14

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A Little Think

God's Work Gloves

I've been thinking about hands lately. My mother-in-law, "Spooky" (really, it's what her kids even called her), would hold our newborn's hands in hers and say, "I wonder what these tiny hands will do some day!" It was always a lovely way to tie in the incredibly sweet present with the unknown future in God's hands.

Now that "June is busting out all over," as the song says, my hands are busy in the present snipping huge fluffy peonies that came from Nannie's garden 15 years ago. Nannie was Spooky's oldest sister (I'll bring all six sisters into a "little think" some day, but stick with me here). The strawberries are in, earlier than usual, so off I'll head to the patch to pick them to put up jams and jellies. They make Christmas gifts that are always the right size and color. There are pots to be filled with geraniums, ivy, lobelia, and such -- tons of transplanting and giving away of plants. Winter hands that shoveled and put logs on the fire now turn to gentler pursuits, even tending to vegetables and fruits.

Perhaps you've heard the phrase I grew up with: "We are the work gloves on God's hands." It's based on a Bible verse -- "We are His workmanship, created for good works in Christ." The next part blows me away: "Which He has beforehand ordained, that we might walk in them." The little jingle of my youth conjured up a picture of me getting up in the morning and God putting me on. I am the work gloves on His hands. He works through me to get certain things done. Oh yeah, God knows what He created the infant's hands to do, from the cradle to the grave. He sustained the peonies from Nannie's garden and keeps them going in mine. When I pick the strawberries this week, I am the work gloves on His hands, to bring someone delight in winter.

Every June graduate committed to serving the living God is the work glove on His hands, too. The graduate pictured in this issue is my daughter, now a Montessori teacher, grades 1-3. Most work glove tasks involve uncertainty, getting your hands dirty, digging, and transplanting. There are no guaranteed results, except that nothing done for the Lord is done in vain!

My "I Went to Jail..." blog this month is an example of God's gloves in action. We may not want to go to prison or do the dirty work in the garden, but work gloves don't really mind. It's what they do, along with the fun stuff. What is God doing with your hands this spring? When you let Him put you on, you'll discover an adventure created just for you. The heavy work becomes lighter because you know you're answering God's call for your life. It takes the pressure off. He's working through you! It's not all up to you.

While June is busting out all over, what will your hands find to do? Check with God first and then have a little think about that!

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