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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a national epidemic in the USA according to some experts. You can get ahead of the curve on this topic when you catch my two-part series on Woman to Woman, airing 10.26.08 and 11.02.08. One will focus on adult-especially female-sleep deprivation; the other will look at childhood sleep deprivation, which, of course, impacts adult sleep patterns. These are fascinating dilemmas to which none of us is immune. It's estimated we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. That has changed dramatically with far-reaching and alarming results in the culture and in much of the world.

Along this line, I recommend a little book titled The Art of Napping by Bill Anthony, Ph.D. I found this book in my dad's collection after he died. It's a fun read with life-changing information. What you'll read on sleep deprivation here will be addressed, in part, on Woman to Woman shows airing 10.26.08 and 11.02.08. My dad napped without apology way back in the '50s when he was president of a good-sized company he'd founded. He'd simply shut his office door, right there on Edens Highway in Wilmette, Illinois, lean back in the chair with his feet up on the desk and nap. His power naps lasted about 15 minutes and required no alarm clock to wake him. After he awoke, he was refreshed to go late into the night if need be. He was a prolific achiever both personally and professionally, and I am convinced power naps had a lot to do with that. Now I see more clearly how he could be so much fun. He spent the last half of the day refreshed. He would teach my sister and me to play table tennis after dinner before our homework for instance, when he had deadlines upon deadlines looming.

Are you getting enough sleep to live your life with vigor and enthusiasm? Do you wake up eager to start the day or desperately longing for some more snooze time? You know the old saying; you can tell if you're getting enough sleep by your response when you wake up. Do you say, "Lord, it's a good morning!" or "Good Lord, it's morning!"? Your regular sleep pattern greatly determines the kind of day you'll have. Pick up the tips from the show; do a personal evaluation, and then tweak what needs to be changed. You'll thank yourself the rest of the days of your life...and the nights! Think about it.

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