To deodorize a microwave oven, chop half a lemon into four pieces. Put them in a small bowl with one cup of water and a few whole cloves. Boil for five minutes.

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"Easy to Impress" Chicken


3 1/2 - 4 lb whole frying chicken (two if you're feeding more than four people)
Salt and Pepper
4 to 6 Springs of 7" fresh rosemary


Wash and salt and pepper the chicken, inside and out. Tie the legs together and fold the wings under.

In a covered barbeque, build an indirect charcoal fire with a pan in the middle of the coals to catch the drippings. With two gas burners, light just one.

Put the chicken on an oiled grill to prevent sticking and throw the rosemary directly on the coals. Cover and let it cook and smoke for 50 to 60 minutes.

Take it off the grill and let it rest 10 minutes before carving. It will have a colored crust and a smoky taste and is so moist. The charred rosemary will survive on the coals.

A 3 1/2 to 4 lb. bird feeds four people. Don't turn it. Serve with potato salad and a peach salsa or a mild cherry salsa with fresh peaches added.

This is a variation on a recipe by Chef Thomas Keller, which comes to me from Bonnie Klein. Bonnie lives in a converted Pennsylvania farmhouse surrounded by gardens of flowers and produce. She summers a bit in Michigan in the cottage next door to ours. Bonnie had a catering business which made people drool at its mention and is very modest about her culinary success. One summer evening, I asked if she had a great recipe for busy women wanting delicious and simple main dish fare. She smiled because she has just such a recipe. In fact, said her husband, Charles, "We've served it to everybody we know so now she has to serve something else!" They warn not to be fooled by how basic this recipe sounds and assure that it really is that good!

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