August 2010




Tomato Soup!
From Nancy Dressler of Kalamazoo, MI

From Nancy Dressler of Kalamazoo, MI '06 ..who attended a woman's retreat I facilitate at Camp Arcadia, MI each fall. She was so happy to be there, she GAVE me a jar of this soup! It meant so much, in addition to being so delicious, that I just had to have the recipe to pass on to you!

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Cherry/Chicken Salad Obviously!
It seems like stating the obvious, but in northern Michigan where I like to spend summers in the "Cherry Capitol of the World," we all have our own version of the Cherry Chicken Salad. This might become your favorite if you don't already have one!

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August 7, 2010
Kay Marshall Strom and Michelle Rickett

August 14, 2010
Wendy Blight

August 21, 2010
Tim Kimmel

August 28, 2010
Ginger Millermon

July 3, 2010
They Must Be Stopped!
with Brigitte Gabriel

July 10, 2010
Happy No Matter What
with Leslie Vernick

July 17, 2010
Forgiveness After Murder
with Cindy Winters

July 24, 2010
I Can Do This Diet
with Dr. Don Colbert

July 31, 2010
From Prisoner To President
with Jeanette Towne

No More Christian Nice Girl
By Paul Coughlin and Jennifer D. Degler

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