December 2008

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    Frankly, I'd like to wish you a "preventive Christmas" or a "proactive Christmas," to lower the startling statistics about mental health care increasing 35% to 40% during January and early February. Usual causes include the high maintenance of the season, the empty chair at Christmas, or expectations not quite matching up with reality. Will there be less spending this Christmas? Will the mortgage mess*, layoffs, and future unknowns dictate our discretionary income for a while? Our plastic cards are maxed out. Can we even afford Christmas anymore? (*Check out the November 30 episode of Woman to Woman--The Mortgage Crisis Hits Home.)


    "When's the baby due?" That's the big question for those expecting. With my fourth child, I was four days overdue and felt like calling the whole thing off. I fretted non-stop. Overdue and overly anxious were the best ways to describe me. A little off, and I get nervous. But try this for overdue and overly anxious: not nine months of waiting in this case, but thousands of years. That's how long predictions of a Messiah coming to earth were made. In the interim, many wannabes came on the scene claiming to be "the One." Meanwhile, generation after generation, God's people suffered wars and famine and persecution. Why was He just taking His time? Disillusioned and disheartened, they waited and hoped for their Messiah, their Savior from the mess they were in.


    It's official, AGAIN! Mom really does know best; what my mother gave us for sore throats and coughs is now being recommended as a "new" find. It's honey!, an excellent source on natural ways to keep yourself feeling younger and healthier, offers some practical information about using honey to subdue those winter maladies. Try a couple of teaspoonfuls in a cup of ginger root tea; the two combined are wonderful for warding off some common seasonal ailments. The honey is great for soothing a scratchy throat, and the tea fights colds, as well as nausea and tummy aches. Also, honey and lemon juice make a good scratchy-throat soother as well. I take it straight or stir them into my tea. [Of course, no honey for little ones under age 1!]


    Peanut Soup
    This fabulous Senegalese-style vegetarian soup is gluten free and full of flavor!

    Recipe >>
    Aunt Betty's Pumpkin Pie
    A warm slice of pumpkin pie is the perfect finish for your holiday meal!

    Recipe >>

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    Christmas Jars
    By Jason F. Wright

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