Lord, I stand in awe of your eternal plan and the heavens and the earth you have created. I thank you that the Holy Spirit lives in me.

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Deb Wolf

Featured on Woman to Woman on May 18, 2008.

Deb Wolf - has served beside her husband Blake in ministry for better than 35 years. They moved to St. Louis shortly after being married for Blake to attend Concordia Seminary, and have called the area home since that time.

She has been a classroom teacher and an Administrative Assistant of a family run stewardship and fund raising ministry which served various Christian Organizations throughout the country.

In 1999 she co-founded Prayer Ministries International, an internet prayer ministry with pray-ers throughout the world. She still receives all prayer requests, and then sends them on to the teams of pray-ers for intercession. Deb is blessed to be the mom of three grown children, and she is especially excited about the next phase of life, being a "Gram." As moms know, that has made her a counselor, cook, housekeeper, chauffer, nurse, advisor, etc. Now that her family is grown, she is a faithful Bible study teacher, a CLASS trained speaker, and writer.

To read a sample of Deb Wolf's work, click here.

Website: countingmyblessings.typepad.com

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