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Dr. David Ludwig

Featured on Woman to Woman on June 01, 2008.

Dr. David Ludwig combined a background in both theology and psychology by getting an MDiv from Concordia Seminary in 1965 and a PhD from Washington University in 1966. His creative blending of these two disciplines has spanned over 40 years as a university professor, a licensed psychologist and Lutheran minister. During this time Dr. Ludwig has written seven books and numerous professional articles while speaking internationally on the spiritual growth of relationships within oneself, family, and church.

Central to Dr. Ludwig's thinking is a deep understanding of the organizing spiritual force to life. Relationships organized around shared responsibilities and joy (around a "WE") built on the promise of God's design for humans offer a loving alternative to an increasing "ME-oriented" culture. Dr. Ludwig's popular books and videos offer practical application to developing healthier personal and family relationships, including the insightful concepts of: "Painters and Pointers," "Freeze-dried Mood Particles," and "Parenting as a WE."

Dr. Ludwig and his wife, Kathy, have traveled extensively, giving presentations on family relationships with grants from Wheatridge, Thrivant, and various Synodical organizations. This message of the healing power of WE has been shared with congregations and audiences in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and England. Dr. Ludwig has developed the Power of WE Center at Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, NC. His book and DVD The Power of We can be ordered at its web site: www.thinkwe.com. His latest parenting DVD can be ordered at: www.parentingfamilies.com. Dave and Kathy have been married for 46 years and have 3 married sons and 7 grandchildren.

Dr. Ludwig's books and videos include:
Spirit of Your Marriage (1979)
In Good Spirits (1985)
Renewing the Family Spirit (1989)
The Spirit of Your Congregation (1992)
The Spiritual Dimension of Counseling (1996)
The Power of We (1999)

To read a sample of Dr. Ludwig's work, click here.

Website: www.parentingfamilies.com

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