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Dr. Joel Robertson and Heidi Robertson

Featured on Woman to Woman on July 22, 2011.

Dr. Joel Robertson is the founder and CEO of Robertson Wellness, which is dedicated to making a lasting impact on healthcare around the world through a network of for-profit and non-profit organizations with a global initiative to change world medicine. Together these organizations share a common goal: to save lives and improve quality of life through health information technology. Among his national and international clients are General Motors, Fuji Photo Film, Dow Corning and the United States Department of Defense.

Widely known in the area of brain chemistry and behavior, Robertson is an internationally recognized clinician, best-selling author, lecturer and consultant. His two most recent books are Peak-Performance Living: Easy, Drug-Free Ways to Alter Your own Brain Chemistry and Achieve Optimal Health and Natural Prozac: Learning to Release Your Body's Own Anti-Depressants. More than 14,000 individuals seeking to improve their personal performance, health, and wellness have been assessed and treated using Robertson's proprietary tools.

Heidi Robertson is the daughter of Dr. Joel Robertson; she is the Robertson Wellness trainer. With more than eight years experience in the wellness field, she assists healthcare providers who want to become certified clinicians to use the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program. She also oversees the marketing and social media outlets used to promote their various Wellness programs. She holds a bachelor's degree in therapeutic recreation from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Website: www.wellness.robertsoninstitute.org

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