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Dr. Meg Meeker

Featured on Woman to Woman on June 25, 2011.

Dr. Meg Meeker is a pediatrician, mother and best-selling author of six books. She has practiced pediatric and adolescent medicine for 25 years and helps parents and teens communicate about difficult topics such as sex, STDs and teen pregnancy. Her latest book The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers: Reclaiming Our Passion, Purpose, and Sanity, stems from her work with numerous families over the years.

Meeker speaks on teen health issues and has been featured on nationally syndicated radio and television programs. These include The Today Show, CNN American Morning, Dateline, The O'Reilly Factor, Oprah and Friends, 60 Minutes, NPR and others.

Meeker is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is also on the National Advisory Board of the Medical Institute and the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development at Michigan State University.


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