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Janet Boynes

Featured on Woman to Woman on May 21, 2011.

Janet Boynes is the founder of Janet Boynes Ministries (JBM), a non-denominational, non-profit outreach she began in 1996. Its mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its primary focus is reaching individuals who question their sexuality or who wish to leave the homosexual lifestyle. She is the author of Called Out: A Former Lesbian's Discovery of Freedom. In it she proclaims "that freedom from homosexuality is not only possible, but inevitable for anyone who chooses to surrender their sexuality to the lordship of Jesus Christ."

As a public personality, Boynes has attended numerous conferences and ministry events. She has also spoke on the radio and made television appearances on such programs as The 700 Club, Daystar, Life Today, Catholic Parents Online T.V. and others.

In Boynes' family life, emotional, physical and sexual abuse were issues she had to work through from an early age. As one of seven children from four different fathers, the abuse she suffered -- which included being raped twice -- "led her to descend into lesbian relationships," she said. After 14 years in painful homosexual affairs, she sensed God calling her back. Now she leads an outreach ministry for people who are "desiring to leave the homosexual lifestyle."

As a liaison between church and gay communities, Boynes feels her job is not to make people straight; her job is to preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.


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