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Rivers Teske

Featured on Woman to Woman on April 09, 2011.

Rivers Hatchett -Teske is the founder and president of Hidden Choices, Inc. As an activist and advocate for children and women, she is committed to networking humanitarian needs with community providers and global corporations to ensure the dignity of human life.

A personal family crisis catapulted her into a new direction as she helped her 18-year-old daughter through an unplanned pregnancy. When seeking guidance on the matter, she soon discovered that education, financial and affordable healthcare support opportunities were limited and that the simple day-to-day housing requirements for young women choosing not to abort their children were virtually non-existent.

The vacuum in these critical areas motivated Hatchett -Teske to launch Hidden Choices and connect committed providers and valuable information to one another in North America. Today she is the chief strategist and mission spokesperson for Hidden Choices. In this position, she shares her personal story, passion and expertise for the pro-child, pro-family movement around the world. She has taken this message to people in more than 64 countries and five continents.

Prior to founding Hidden Choices, Hatchett -Teske owned and operated a women's apparel and accessory business in Asia. She is certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington in business etiquette and international protocol and also serves on several executive committees and boards for non-profit organizations. She is a graduate of Baylor University.


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