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Sonia Lee

Featured on Woman to Woman on January 08, 2011.

Singer-songwriter Sonia Lee grew up in Rochester, NY, steeped in the rich heritage of that area's -- and her family's -- Ukrainian traditions. The daughter of immigrants, she was immersed in a Ukrainian cultural legacy of traditional folk songs, dances, embroidery and even Easter egg decoration.

Lee began playing the guitar when she was 12 years old. Today, she is a two-time Kerrville New Folk Finalist who sings in a voice reminiscent of early Emmy Lou Harris and Allison Krauss. In the United States and abroad, she has taken her message of optimism to smaller house concerts, nightclubs and large festivals. On her third and most recent CD, Chance to Start Over, she paints a heartfelt portrait of her own journey through addiction and her path to healing. Each song carries a message of strength and hope that echoes her experiences as she grappled with excessive alcohol use and the downward spiral it caused in her own life after moving to Nashville.

It was during that dark time that Lee met a network of supportive people who shared with her a design for living that was to change her life. She has now been free from alcohol for many years, and it is this freedom that is poignantly conveyed in Chance To Start Over.


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