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Dr. Paul Maier

Featured on Woman to Woman on December 25, 2010.

Dr. Paul L. Maier is the Russell H. Seibert professor of ancient history at Western Michigan University, a third vice president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and a much-published author of both scholarly and popular works. His novels include two historical documentaries: Pontius Pilate: A Novel and The Flames of Rome: A Novel, as well as a theological thriller that became a #1 national bestseller in religious fiction: A Skeleton in God's Closet. A sequel, More Than a Skeleton: It Was One Man Against the World, appeared in 2003.

Maier's non-fiction works include In the Fullness of Time: A Historian Looks at Christmas, Easter, and the Early Church, a book that correlates secular evidence from the ancient world impinging on Jesus and early Christianity; Josephus: The Essential Works, a new translation/commentary on writings of the first-century Jewish historian; and Eusebius: The Church History, a similar book on the first Christian historian. More than five million books of Maier are now in print in 15 languages, as well as over 250 scholarly articles and reviews in professional journals.
Maier lectures widely, appears frequently in national radio, television, and newspaper interviews, and has received numerous awards. He has also penned four children's books, and produced three four-hour video series dealing with Jesus, St. Paul, and the early Church. For Lutheran Hour Ministries' Men's NetWork, he has hosted the original, video Bible study, How We Got The Bible.

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