Lord, You are the master of the heavens and the earth. I thank you for your mercy and faithfulness.

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Annetta Dellinger, Karen Boerger, Phyllis Jastram

Featured on Woman to Woman on November 06, 2010.

Phyllis Jastram is a retired elementary schoolteacher who lived in Japan for nearly 25 years with her husband, Bob, and their five children. Her husband was a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastor and together they served a mission church that eventually grew to 150 members, many of whom were contacts through The Lutheran Hour.

Upon returning to the states, the couple's ministry included Gettysburg, S.D. and Parkers Prairie, Minn. In 2004, Jastram's husband died after nine years of struggling with the devastating effects of Multiple Systems Atrophy. For her it was nine years of learning how to use many of the helps for the sick to aid her husband with his daily bodily needs.

Throughout this entire time Jastram acknowledges God's benevolent and gracious hand on her and her family's lives and is thankful for the abundant blessings He has provided.

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