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Kendra Smiley and Jan Struck

Featured on Woman to Woman on May 09, 2009.

Jan Struck leads Bible studies, workshops, and women's retreats throughout the United States. Her involvement with the Lutheran Women's Missionary League has enabled her to bring the gift of laughter to numerous district national conventions. Recently, struck spoke at the national LWML convention in Tampa and the LWML-Canada convention in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Struck works as a trainer and consultant in the field of healthcare technology. She has assisted clients in Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Houston to implement systems of electronic medical recordkeeping systems. She is a graduate of Valparaiso University where she took a degree in theater.

As the mother of three children, Struck experienced single parenthood after divorce and is now married with a combined family of six grown children, their spouses, eleven grandkids, and one great-grandson. With more than 35 years of experience in teaching, motivating, and entertaining, Struck brings a fresh approach to the journey of faith by letting audiences know her faith in Christ is her reason to make a joyful noise unto God.

Website: struckwithlaughter.org

Kendra Smiley has written eight books, founded and distributed a daily radio program -- Live Life Intentionally -- and has spoken to thousands. She connects with people as a teacher, radio host, speaker, and author. Using different methods, she delivers the same message to her diverse audiences: Make the next right choice.

Smiley's book, Journey of a Strong-Willed Child, co-authored with her husband John, has been updated and expanded for re-release in 2009. The text gives practical, biblical, and encouraging advice to parents with strong-willed kids.

As a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Smiley knows how to effectively present her material and resonate with a diverse public. Drawing from experience as an educator and coach in public schools, as well as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, Smiley connects with people on several levels.

Kendra and her husband John have been married over 35 years. Together, they have raised three sons. In 2001, she was chosen as the Illinois Mother of the Year©.

To hear a sample of Smiley's radio work, click here.

Website: www.kendrasmiley.com

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