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Dr. Karin Anderson

Featured on Woman to Woman on February 14, 2009.

Karin Anderson, Ph.D., is a psychology professor at Concordia University Chicago. Her areas of expertise include identity development, the psychology of women, and family dynamics.

Her doctoral dissertation, "The Relationship between Individuation from Family of Origin and Identity Development in College Students," generated subsequent research projects, which have been featured in presentations at both national and international psychological conferences. In 2005, at the 9th European Congress of Psychology in Granada, Spain, she presented "Family Ties: Connectedness to Parents and Identity Development in College Students." In 2007, she presented at the 10th European Congress of Psychology in Prague, Czech Republic. Her project "Identity Development in African American and European American Girls: Is There a Difference?" was invited for submission in a printed volume on related topics.

Anderson first became interested in the psychology of women when she began to examine the complex emotions involved in her own marriage engagement. As she questioned her motivations for marriage, she pondered women's roles and options in the post-feminism era. How much had really changed? After months of internal conflict, she called off her wedding two months before it was to occur. Like many women, she scoured the self-help section of her local bookstore looking for resources to help her reconcile her dissonant thoughts and feelings. Dissatisfied with the selections, she began writing Jitters! to assist women in deciding if their engagements should continue and, if not, how they might "run away" from the altar as painlessly as possible.

A compelling teacher and speaker, Anderson speaks to groups on women's issues, developmental psychology, and family relationships.

To read a sample of Anderson's work, click here.


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