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Dr. Stan Kapuchinski

Featured on Woman to Woman on January 10, 2009.

Dr. Kapuchinski was a dean's list undergraduate at New York's Fordham University. While there, he participated in an honors program which gave him the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

After being a National Institute of Health fellow at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kapuchinski attended St. Louis University where he received his M.D. degree. He then pursued post-graduate training at the Boston University Medical Center in internal medicine and psychiatry at The Institute of Living, Hartford, Connecticut.

Kapuchinski served in the U.S. Air Force where he held the rank of major and was department chairman of in-patient and outpatient psychiatry. While in the military, Kapuchinski also initiated a bio-behavioral program for psychosomatic illnesses.

While serving as a psychiatric consultant to numerous medical, business, and government organizations, Kapuchinski was also a psychiatric volunteer to the natives in the Peruvian Amazon River Basin. Additionally, he functioned as senior psychiatric specialist in Queensland, Australia. Kapuchinski is board certified in psychiatry and neurology.

Health Communications, Inc. (HCI) has published Kapuchinski's book Say Goodbye to Your PDI (Personality Disordered Individuals): Recognize People Who Make You Miserable and Eliminate Them from Your Life for Good! in September, 2007.

Kapuchinski's health column, "Ask Dr. K," is presently published in a large southwest Florida newspaper along with a more tongue-in-cheek column "Ask Dr. Bob, The Evil Twin," which addresses mental health issues in a more irreverent, yet still dignified manner.

Dr. Kapuchinski continues to practice psychiatry and write in southwest Florida as long as the law will allow.

To read a sample of Dr. Kapuchinski's work, click here.


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