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Jennifer Rothschild

Featured on Woman to Woman on September 14, 2008.

"It Is Well With My Soul"

For Jennifer Rothschild, these words are much more than the lyrics from a familiar hymn; they represent a foundation upon which many life lessons have been learned...in the dark

At the young age of fifteen, Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative eye disease that would eventually steal her sight. Her dreams of becoming a commercial artist and cartoonist faded. Words and music have replaced her canvas and palette for more than 25 years.

Jennifer weaves together colorful illustrations, universal principles, and music to help audiences find contentment, walk with endurance, and celebrate the ordinary. Through her signature wit and poignant story-telling, audiences are prompted to look beyond their circumstances to find unique "gifts," in unusual packaging.

Jennifer's newest book is Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself (September 2007). In addition to her writing and speaking, Jennifer is an accomplished songwriter and recording artist, with six albums to her credit - including Walking By Faith: The Music Captured Live, Along the Way, and others.

Jennifer has been featured on Dr. Phil, ABC's Good Morning America, and the Billy Graham Television Special, and on other national TV and radio programs. Her life story and message has been the cover story of numerous national publications including Today's Christian Woman, Virtue magazine, and others.

Jennifer is also founder and publisher of the popular online magazine, WomensMinistry.NET. She resides in Springfield, Missouri with her husband of 21 years, Dr. Philip Rothschild, and their two sons Clayton and Connor.

To read a sample of Jennifer Rothschild's work, click here.

Website: womensministry.net

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