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Book Selection

Just finished reading this months selection 'A New Promise'. I really enjoyed it...I thought is was a wonderful example of how as Christians, we should be living our lives. I appreciated and enjoyed the Bible verse references and thought the main character, Celeste showed incredible Christian character in all her decisions, always seeming to look at the 'other side' of issues. Thank you for recommending this book. I look forward to more from this first-time author.
In Him,

Debbie, Thousand Palms, CA


I see that you don't have a selection for March. Our club is going to read The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein. You might give it a look...

Julie Bedard, New Orleans, LA


How can I get the book choosing to see, by Mary Beth chapman.
Sharon busby
2241 hickory st
Adrian, mi 49221


Sharonbusby, Adrian, MI


Marilyn, the Amazon ads you see are actually links directly to the book selections we feature for your purchasing convenience. We do not have any other advertising within the content of our site. Additionally, our ministry generates revenue from each book purchased through the links on our web site.

I do hope this answers your question. Please do not hesitate to contact us at womantowomanradio@lhm.org if you have further questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thank you!

Melissa, St. Louis, MO


Iam trying to catch up on past books, why do you allow a big Amazon add when I want read about the author and the book?

Marilyn, Granby, CT


our local christian book club will be discussing this book next mo. do you have any reading group guides/ discussion questions?

Bonnie Wiegel
Thank you

she said yes by Misty Bernall, jefferson, WI


I have been searching for a book about a Red Feather that we want to use as a program for our Christmas LWML MEETING.
I have just read "The Story of Red Feather" by Edward Ellis and it doesn't really seem it started the idea of having red feathers on a Christmas tree. Can you help me?
Prince Of Peace - Plano, TX

Barbara Stenberg, Rockwall, TX


Good Morning!

I would like to suggest the book entitled,
"Love as a Way of Life," by Gary Chapman for
the Woman to Woman Book Club. I, also, feel
Dr. Chapman would make an exceptional guest
for Phyllis to interview on one of her weekly broadcasts.

In Love as a Way of Life, Dr. Chapman
reveals that every aspect of your life can be improved by placing love at the center of everything you do. Rich in wisdom and inspiration, Love as a Way of Life is an invaluable guide to creating fu

Tamra Schmitt, Hampton, IA


Regarding Sarah, March's book selection, I am very surprised that this book was selected. Way too risque for my taste regardless of the subject matter. I understand why the author wrote what he did, but it did not compel me to want to read any of his other books.

For a great read, I found Tracy Groot's "Madman" a very inspirational and wonderful read. I also bought her other books, but Madman was the best. Her books actually excited me to read the Bible.

Thank you.

Rebecca, indianapolis, IN


Did you know that due to the Madoff theft of funds that Ellie Wiesel’s Holocaust Foundation has lost all of its funding? All of the money was invested with Madoff, and the project has been topped because of this tragedy. Wiesel is over 80 years old and his life’s work has been destroyed.



Page: 1 | 2 | 3 | view all 21 discussions

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