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Mercy Rising: Simple Ways to Practice Justice and Compassion
By Amber Robinson

Justice. For most, the word brings to mind images of heroism and feelings of courage, passion, and perseverance. For the Christian, the word reflects the very character of God and His provision for the helpless, poor, and destitute. Many Christian women long to make a difference. They desire to show mercy to the needy, but often the magnitude of the problem is overwhelming. They wonder - Where do I even start?

In Mercy Rising, Amber Robinson offers practical ways for women to make an impact. With fervor, passion, and urgency, she tackles the difficult subject of serving sacrificially in a dark and hurting world. Robinson provides readers with a wealth of current information and creative ideas for service.

While fears, busy lives, and packed schedules can cause women to overlook the desperation, hurt, and needs within their reach, Robinson shows women how to build a lifestyle of giving into their daily routines. In a personal and relevant way, she gives women the tools they need to make a difference. For only through interaction with the needy, she insists, do we fully realize our own social, spiritual, and emotional poverty and recognize the mercy, love, and compassion Jesus Christ gave to us.

Discussion Questions

Mercy Rising offers readers questions for further thought and reflection at the end of each chapter. A sample of questions for deeper discussion include:

Can you think of a time that, because of your fear, you didn't give? What were you afraid of losing if you gave?

Name some groups of people who need justice. Why is it sometimes hard to spot them?

Are you pursuing impact or pursuing God?


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