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The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World
By Debbie Taylor Williams

Nearly every woman has dreams - deeply-rooted dreams planted in the soil of her heart at a young age and nurtured over years of planning, wishing and hoping. Dreams of school and career; of marrying Prince Charming and raising a family; of hearing the bubbly laughter of adorable, healthy children echo throughout the rooms of a beautiful home with white-picket fence. Dreams of happily-ever-after. Life, however, often throws us curveballs, and soon we find ourselves resorting to Plan B when our dreams shatter and our plans don't turn out like we hoped.

Debbie Taylor Williams, author of The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World, understands the heartache many women feel when life takes an unexpected detour. Rather than settle for defeat, however, Williams encourages readers to place their hope in God. She guides readers in identifying and uprooting the unhealthy "land mines" of fear, bitterness, and discouragement buried in their hearts and minds. Uplifting, nurturing, and honest, Williams' book offers readers a tool to navigating the paralyzing emotions and unforeseen circumstances of life, leading them into a deeper and strengthened faith in God.

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