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Sacred Singleness
By Leslie Ludy

Sacred Singleness is not a typical, Christian-take on single living. Author Leslie Ludy brings a counter-cultural message to today's Christian, single women: Instead of allowing yourself to be controlled and consumed by the desire to get married and raise a family someday, Ludy addresses her readers, devote this period of time to living a poured-out life for Christ.

With honesty and conviction, Ludy encourages her readers to surrender their God-given dreams of love, marriage, and family to the Lord and to "yield to His strength rather than the power of [their] own desires." Her message is powerful, biblical and insightful as she guides her readers in discovering God's heart and purpose for singleness.

Inspiring and practical, Sacred Singleness includes encouraging testimonies of modern-day Christian women who have already walked or are still journeying down the road of singleness. And Ludy does not stop at theoretical ideas on how to live a fulfilled life as a Christian single, but offers her readers current resources and opportunities to begin living a life of poured-out devotion for Christ. Readers will be encouraged, challenged, and equipped to experience a radically different kind of life as a sacred, set-apart, and single woman of God.

Discussion Questions

Who is in control of your life - you or God? Do you tend to make decisions, then ask God to bless them? Or have you surrendered to Him and allowed Him to lead?

Are you putting off happiness and contentment until you meet your spouse, or are you finding fulfillment right now in Christ?

How can you use this "sacred" season of your life to serve others instead of being caught up in loneliness and self-pity? What changes do you need to make in your focus, direction, and attitude in order to bring glory to Christ during your single years?

Was there a particular cause that spoke to you - orphans, slaves, the poor - in the Resources and Opportunities section? What can you practically do right now to get started changing the world?

How would your life change if you fully and genuinely embraced Jesus as the Lover of your soul?


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