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No More Christian Nice Girl
By Paul Coughlin and Jennifer D. Degler

Is there a difference between acting nice and being good? Authors Paul Coughlin and Jennifer D. Degler believe there is. Within the pages of their book, No More Christian Nice Girl, Coughlin and Degler explore the issue of the "Christian Nice Girl" as it relates to the lives and relationships of Christian women today.

Coughlin and Degler describe the average, Christian woman worn down by the pressures from society and within the church to be a pretty, people-pleasing pushover. Unknowingly entrapped by the fear of meeting others' approval, Christian Nice Girls avoid confrontation, hide their true feelings, and elude conflict - not realizing, as Coughlin and Degler point out, that conflict is often the price of genuine intimacy.

Written in a conversational style, No More Christian Nice Girl offers fresh, biblical insight and practical, encouraging advice for Christian women. Readers will be equipped to channel their fearful, "Nice Girl" tendencies into courageous assertiveness, a characteristic of one of God's Good Women. They will be challenged to be more discerning, truthful, and loving in nearly all aspects of life - concerning their friends and family, dating life, the home, church, and workplace. Women will be inspired to live in spiritual and emotional freedom, as they reflect the salty-sweetness of their Savior.

Discussion Questions

No More Christian Nice Girl's engaging format offers helpful, thought-provoking study questions at the end of each chapter for further thought and reflection. A sample of some of the questions for deeper discussion include:

When do you have difficulty saying no to requests for your time and energy?
How do you handle conflict and confrontation? For example, do you avoid necessary conflict, or pretend conflict isn't happening when it is?
In what situations do you feel pressured to act nice and sweet because you are a Christian?


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