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Just Jane: A Novel of Jane Austen's Life
By Nancy Moser

Perhaps every feminine heart flutters at the mention of the handsome Mr. Darcy. Knees go weak at the name of the valiant Mr. Knightly, smiles appear at the thought of the caring Mr. Tilney, and sighs can't help but escape when reading of the devoted Captain Wentworth. For centuries, the novels of Jane Austen, her honorable heroes and resilient heroines, have captured the hearts of numerous readers. Now, in her own fictionalized account of Austen's life, Nancy Moser gives readers a long-anticipated glimpse into the mind of this beloved authoress.

While Moser admits to only "hinting" at Austen's brilliant wit, Just Jane provides readers with a biographical account of Austen steeped in historical fact and thorough research. Written in an engaging first person narrative, readers journey with Austen through nearly twenty years of her life, witnessing in Moser's creative rendering Austen's day-to-day achievements, disappointments, and struggles. As the novel unfolds, readers are inspired by Austen's growth and development - personally, artistically, and spiritually.

Full of emotion and intrigue, Moser's account of Austen's life keeps pages turning. Readers will be delighted and inspired as they travel with Moser back to eighteenth century England - to the world of Jane Austen and her unforgettable characters.

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Discussion Questions

The publisher of Just Jane provides a discussion guide here.

For readers' convenience, Just Jane also provides a discussion guide with questions for further thought and reflection at the end of the novel.

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