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Angel Time
By Anne Rice

In keeping with my commitment to do Christian fiction in a variety of forms, I am developing a new series called Songs of the Seraphim. The first of these metaphysical thrillers, Angel Time, will be coming in October 2009. The second has already been written and the third is underway. I'm hoping for a long life for the series with many adventures for its hero. I continue to work on Christ the Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven, the third book in the Christ the Lord series.

Be sure to tune in to hear author, Anne Rice on Woman to Woman October 31, 2009!

Discussion Questions:

Is the way the book represents Malchiah different from your understanding of angels and how you perceive them? How and why?

How did Toby react when he came home to find his family dead? Why do you think he reacted the way he did immediately as well as in the long term? Why do you think he couldn't bear to touch his mother and sister?

Look at the epigraph at the beginning of the book. How do you see each one of these passages reflected in the book?

Why do you think that rescuing Fluria and Meir is the first Devine assignment was given to Toby by Malchiah?

Discuss Anne Rices move from secular fiction to Christian fiction.


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