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Second Chance
By Jane Green

Jane Green once again shows why she is a nationally bestselling author with legions of loyal fans. The story of a group of people who haven't seen each other since they were best friends in school, they reunite when one of them dies in a terrible tragedy. Recapturing the intimacy of their younger days, they are each surprised at the impact their encounter brings. Warm, witty, and as wise as ever, Second Chance will strike a chord with anyone who is still trying to figure life out.


Here's what a reader had to say:

"I enjoyed this book because it reminded me that even tragic circumstances can be a positive force in life. As in the book, it is often my friends, the "family of choice" that God has blessed me with, that help me through tough times. " --Donna, 25

Discussion Questions

Tom's death seemed to be a turning point for all the characters in the book. Explain how you perceive Tom's life and death to be part of God's plan and how this story affected you. Have you had something similar happen to you?

Was there a particular character you relate to and if so, which one and why? What would you, as a Christian, do differently than the characters in the book?

Paul and Anna's relationship seems to be the strongest of all the couples in the book. How important do you think that is to their survival? What are some problems you have faced in your relationships and how did you handle them--did the strength of the relationship have any effect?

Each character seemed to have a different idea of what a marriage should be like. How do you think it would have been different if they were Christian?

Each character seemed to grieve differently. Which grieving process, if any, could you relate to most and why? As a Christian, would you have dealt with the grief differently; how and why?

How did the newfound and rekindled friendships help with the grief and how may it have hurt?

Olivia found herself in a situation she didn't want to be in by getting pregnant. If you personally had known Olivia, what might you have said to her when you found out she was pregnant? What do you think of the change of heart she had in her decision to keep the baby? In the end, what do you think of her relationship with Fred?

How do you think the characters' perceptions of happiness changed throughout the book? God always answers prayers, but not always how we'd like them to be answered. Have you experienced this yourself? How and why?


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