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By Elie Wiesel

Born in the town of Sighet, Transylvania, Elie Wiesel was a teenager when he and his family were taken from their home in 1944 to Auschwitz concentration camp, and then to Buchenwald. Night is the terrifying record of Elie Wiesel's memories of the death of his family, the death of his own innocence, and his despair as a deeply observant Jew confronting the absolute evil of man. This new translation by his wife and most frequent translator, Marion Wiesel, corrects important details and presents the most accurate rendering in English of Elie Wiesel's testimony to what happened in the camps and of his unforgettable message that this horror must never be allowed to happen again.

In honor of Holocaust Rememberance Day (April 21), we read Night, by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Elie Wiesel.

Discussion Questions

1. How do you deal with suffering in your own life?

2. What do you think it was like for Elie to see what he did upon his arrival at the concentration camp?

3. What role does God play when bad things happen?

4. Do you think it was more difficult for his father to see him treated so badly, or for Elie to see his father treated the same way and why?

5. On the march to Gliewitz, what do you think it was that kept Elie and his father going--the will to survive, dedication to each other, or faith?

6. Would you have felt the way Elie did the day his father died? Why or why not?

7. What role do you think Elie and his father's faith had in their ability to keep their sanity when others were not?

8. How does Wiesel's understanding of God change throughout the book? How did the prisoners in Night, including rabbis, reconcile their agony with their faith?

9. Throughout his struggles, Elie lost the connection with his faith. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, he seems to have reclaimed it; what do you think it was like for him to come full circle like that and would you have been able to do the same?

10. As a Christian, how do you feel about Elie and his story? Why?


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