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Risking Love

Deb Wolf

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Whatever It Takes

While traveling recently, I was a guest at a Marriott Hotel. I noticed a card laying on the nightstand which read: WIT - Whatever It Takes - Simply Dial "10"- Our goal is that every guest leaves satisfied.

That simple phrase caused so many thoughts to rush through my head.

  • Wow, it is so very hard to satisfy everyone. (Yet as women we strive so hard to please everyone in our lives, rather than have to face their disapproval.)

  • For whom would I be willing to do "whatever it takes?" (What a difficult question, yet one worth asking as we determine our life's priorities.)

  • Would I be willing to do "whatever it takes," if God asked it of me? (That question may seem a little frightening.)

  • I have to admit that I used to be afraid to completely surrender my life to Jesus. Although I was a believer, I wasn't certain that I could trust Him with my everyday life. I was frightened that He might test and refine me in a way that would ask more of me than I would be able to give.

    I was afraid of the loss of or illness of my loved ones. I was afraid of disapproval and rejection. I was afraid of failing or disappointing those I loved, even the Lord Himself.

    The truth is I have faced all of those things in my life; and by God's amazing grace, I have survived them. In fact, through them I have learned that my God is greater than my circumstances, and He is caring enough to hold me close when I am hurting. He has already accomplished "whatever it takes," for me.

    Jesus life, death, and resurrection was the "whatever it takes." Rom. 5:8 says; But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

    Jesus won the victory over my sinfulness, the doubt and pride which kept me from placing my complete trust in Him. So now, when this guest of life leaves here, my Father God will be satisfied to welcome me home to heaven not because of what I have done, but because of what Jesus has done.

    He paid the ultimate price to give me the courage and strength to love and surrender my life to Him, knowing that He will give me all that I need to do "whatever it takes."

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