Lord, I am awed by your majesty and humbled by your infinite love for me.

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Change Now: Here's How

Melanie Wilson

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My family recently experienced a prolonged power outage. We couldn't use the dryer or dishwasher, oven or vacuum. Without power, I was able to sweep, dust, and wash a few dishes, but I was dramatically less productive. I had so many expensive cleaning tools at my disposal; but without power, they didn't work. I believe we are Wonder Women; but without God's power, we can't work change in our lives either.

During our power outage, I wondered how my electricity would be restored. I didn't understand how electricity was brought into our home. Having the power of God in your life may be a mystery to you, too. Just as I don't have to understand electrical power to receive it, neither do you have to understand everything about God to receive His power to change your life. So, how can you get this Super Power?

First, admit you are failing in your own power. There is no program for addictions more successful than the twelve-step program. The program's first step is to admit you are powerless to change. I am not suggesting you have an addiction, but I am suggesting the first step toward change is identical: admit you're powerless. Powerlessness is not hopelessness! I would have been hopeless if I thought restoring my home's power was up to me. Instead, trusting in the power company gave me hope that was not disappointed.

Even though we want the power to change, we have a hard time with this step. We tend to think, "I'm not powerless! If my kids and husband supported me. ..." "If I worked fewer hours. ..." If I just found the right system. ..." In the midst of the power outage, my four-year-old son asked, "Mom, which TV works?" Like my son, we find it difficult to believe we don't have power. We think we just haven't flipped the right switch or pressed the right button.

If you've tried every program, and you've pushed all the buttons, and you still don't have results, admit you don't have the power to change. Put your hope in God and His Super Power and you may find yourself changing into the Wonder Woman you want to be.

Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless.

2 Chronicles 14:11

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