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Bad Beginnings, Good Endings

Debra Evans

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Debra Evans is an international speaker and Bible teacher. Her childhood and upbringing were anything but ideal. Born to a teenage mom and 21-year-old father, who later divorced, she was then raised by her abusive grandmother "in the projects of Boston." Facing fear, abandonment and the insecurity, she struggled through childhood. In her own adult life she has had additional difficulties and challenges as well with raising her children and going through a divorce.

But For God is Evans' personal account of a woman who has humbly risen from the ashes of poverty, abuse and abandonment to find a better life. This book shows readers through Evans' story that even when it seems God is nowhere to be found, He is always intervening personally on our behalf to accomplish His best for us.

Evans has helped a worldwide audience experience God's gifts of mercy, healing, grace and truth through frequent appearances on radio, television, the Internet and in many churches. With her husband, Rick, they have established Living In Faith, a multifaceted ministry that guides people from darkness into victory through the Word of God and His healing power.

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