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Ditch the Joneses

Cathi Brese-Doebler

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"I just wish I could stay home with my kids," she told me, "but we really
can't afford to lose my salary." Her eyes glistened with tears, and my heart
ached for her. She wanted so desperately to be home with her children every
day and was not able to make that choice.
There are many parents who don't feel they have the choice between
working and staying at home, and many of those parents struggle with so
many emotions as they wave good-bye to their little ones when they leave
for work every morning. For some, it is a daily occurrence, and they feel
helpless. My prayer for you is that this book can help you focus and determine
whether you can do something you never thought possible...spend
more time at home.
This book is for parents who:

  • Desire to reduce their hours to part-time

  • Desire to stay home full-time

  • Desire to explore new ideas with time and fi nancial management

  • Desire to consider options while deciding on their family's lifestyle

Since the time I could talk, my family referred to me as the one who asks
questions. Most thought I'd become a reporter because I tended to "get the
scoop" out of every relative and visitor, without interrupting. People generally
just kept talking. So, naturally, working in human resources, I was able
to talk and share with many mothers. And I started to notice many similar
comments. Comments of struggles between fi nances and time at home with
their children. Comments of guilt, frustration, and sadness over missing
their child's fi rst steps, daily lunchtime discoveries, and cuddles following
afternoon naps. I heard parents agonizing over their diffi cult decisions and
was fortunate enough to hear these comments before I had children.
So when the time came for my husband and me to join the world of
parenthood, we had been forewarned and advised by those who had gone
before us, and having listened carefully, we were able to make some solid
decisions for our own family.
By planning before our fi rst child arrived, praying to the Lord for guidance,
and making changes to our lifestyle, we were blessed to be able to
live on one salary. After our fi rst child was born, I began researching this
topic even more. I realized that those same parents who had commented
about their struggles were still "out there." And those parents had younger
siblings, friends, and other family members who might be going through
the same struggle. Why not share what my husband and I had learned with
those people?

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