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Broken Life, Mended Soul

Ginger Millermon

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It seems as long as Ginger Millermon can remember, she's been fighting for the lives of her children. She has told the heart-wrenching story of her twin son Jarrott on television and radio programs and in churches and conferences across the nation. When doctors told the Millermons he should be taken off life support, Ginger and her husband refused. Jarrott miraculously survived, but doctors warned he would most likely suffer from cerebral palsy -- or worse. Though he went through numerous touch-and-go medical emergencies early in his life, Jarrott is a healthy and active teenager today. The Millermons' staunch pro-life stance for their son in the face of what doctors described as a certain death has endeared Millermon to women's conferences and pro-life organizations around the world. The added success of her first national CD, Amazed, only increased her connection with audiences as three of the CD's songs reached the top 10 on the national inspirational radio charts.

With Millermon's new CD, Rescued, she has expanded her songwriting into a praise style while still offering songs that are honest and forthright. The song "Who He Says He Is" takes on major issues including the biblical definition of marriage and the sanctity of life. "You Knew Me" could easily become the perfect theme song for any pro-life foundation or organization with lyrics that mirror Psalm 139: "You knew me before my heart was made there in the secret place; You knew me before I took a breath or lived one day..."

While her music wins fans, it is Millermon's story that endears her to them. With the release of Grace Thus Far, she has opened up old wounds her family has endured and allowed herself to go back and expound on passages in her personal journal during the worst moments in Jarrott's young life. She continues to work with organizations such as World Vision and the Vitae Caring Foundation. She has appeared on various television and radio networks including Focus on the Family, The 700 Club, Daystar TV, American Family Radio, LeSea Broadcasting, 100 Huntley Street, and others. Most recently, her family expanded with the adoption of a little girl from India.

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