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In Search of Balance

Dick Swenson

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Some think balance is an impossible dream. They think it's unrealistic, unattainable and, possibly, even undesirable. "Balance Is Bunk" screamed the title of one magazine article. All-stress-all-the-time is now the new normal.

Still, we are surrounded by the need for balance throughout the created order. Everywhere in the universe we see an exquisitely balanced equilibrium in operation. Nowhere is this more evident than in the human body, which relies on a fiercely defended guardian called, homeostasis, to keep it functioning within the normal range. "Hyper-" and "hypo-" are expensive and painful prefixes in medicine.

Achieving balance is indeed difficult as it drifts farther from us all the time. There are specific reasons why this is so. It is no mystery to those millions who are struggling to achieve it that balance is not only important -- but critical -- for healthy living. And they are willing to fight for it, if given direction.

Balance can direct us toward simplified lifestyles, anchored contentment, nourished relationships, reasonable expectations, and manageable work. Balance can model for us the pace of faith with its gentleness and goodwill. Balance can equip us with a gyroscope that stabilizes our orbit securely around our timeless priorities.

Balance: The Possible Impossible Dream
Richard A. Swenson, MD

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