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Overcome Your Depression

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber

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Take Care

Life happens at high speeds sometimes. When it does, it can get difficult to care for our own health and well-being. As women, we can get depleted from keeping up with urgent demands and caring for others.

However, have you noticed, it's a little easier to be like Jesus when your blood sugar is stable, and you've had a good night's sleep? Aren't you also better able to deal with the challenges and demands of family relationships and the details of your daily work, when your brain is nourished, and you aren't stressed out?

Now life isn't ever going to settle down enough for this all to just fall in place and go smoothly. But if you want to live you life in a new way, you probably realize you need to take better care of yourself. Below are a few proven lifestyle essentials you can begin putting into action now.


God promises to restore our souls in Psalm 23, improving things even better than they were originally. And when we are tired and burdened, we can go to Him, and He will give us rest - for our whole being, according to Matthew 11. That means turning to Him and physically resting, which is an essential way to calm and recover from stress buildup in our systems. You can't be tense and worried and calm and trusting in God all at the same time. So think of meaningful ways you can get some rest, calm down, and draw close to God so His life can refresh you. Here are some ideas:

1. Keep the Sabbath. Have one day of the week, when you aren't keeping up with your usual schedule. Rest and relax.

2. Take a half or full day retreat. Focus on enjoyable, calming, and restoring experiences for your spirit, soul, mind, and body.

3. Make time daily to do little rituals that are relaxing and restful. Read. Keep a journal. Take a hot bath (spa style). Listen to soothing music. Have a cup of tea while chatting with a friend on the phone. Take a nap.


The center of renewal is the new part. Re-new your commitment to basics. Make a new start. Embrace the new day with a new attitude, new ideas, a new perspective, and new intimacy with God. Here are a few more ideas:

1. What self-care have you done before, that you can re-new now in your life? How did you eat, exercise, stay connected in your marriage, with your friends, and with God?

2. What new truths can you begin intentionally integrating into your life? Can you begin a healthier eating program like South Beach or WeightWatchers?

3. What new things can you invite God to do in your life? Pray. Ask God to reveal His plan for your growth and transformation. Ask Him to bring new insights into your struggles, and any unresolved physical, emotional, and relationship problems you may have.

May God bless you, and take good care of yourself now.

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