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Boys Should Be Boys!

Dr. Meg Meeker

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Boys Should Be Boys: Seven Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons

Secret Seven:
Know how to encourage your son. Some parents baby and spoil their son. Others are so harsh they lose communication with their son and destroy his sense of self-worth. Know how to strike the right balance.

Secret Six:
Understand what your boy needs. Guess what? It's not another computer game -- it's you. Find out how to get the most out of your time with your son.

Secret Five:
Recognize that boys were made for the outdoors. Boys love being outside. A healthy boy needs that sense of adventure -- and the reality check the outdoors gives him.

Secret Four:
Remember that boys need rules. While boys instinctively have a "boy code," if you don't set rules, they feel lost.

Secret Three:
Acknowledge that virtue is not just for girls. Boys who drink, take drugs, and have sex outside of marriage aren't "normal" teenagers; they have been abnormally socialized by our toxic culture. A healthy boy strives after virtues like integrity and self-control. In fact, virtues like these make a boy's transition to manhood possible. They are necessary virtues, and he needs your help to acquire them.

Secret Two:
Learn how to teach your son about the big questions in life. Many parents shy away from this because they don't want to impose their views on their children. But your son needs to know. Boys who don't have a well-grounded understanding of why they are here, what their purpose in life is, and why they are important are the most vulnerable to being led astray into self-destructive behaviors.

Secret One:
Remember that the most important person in your son's life is you.

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