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About Woman to Woman

The Woman to Woman® radio program was created by Phyllis Wallace and began airing on KFUO-AM radio in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1991. The show was picked up by Lutheran Hour Ministries in 1993 and was expanded to 400 stations. Phyllis' guest list has included Charles Schulz, Art Linkletter, Lynne Cheney, several former Miss Americas, Betty Ford, Dom DeLuise, Joni Eareckson Tada, Suze Orman, and Mary Hunt. 

This award-winning radio program offers hope and help for the great challenges facing women today. By introducing her listeners to guests who have expertise and the experience to back it up, Phyllis fills each show with talk you can trust.  

According to Phyllis, “Women today have more choices and resources than perhaps ever before in history. But we’re stressed and feel pushed to the max. We accurately perceive our culture expecting us to ‘do’ and ‘be’ everything, and we’re saying, ‘Wait a minute! Where’s the change agent for me in all of this?’” Phyllis’objective for the show is simple. “My goal is to inform, inspire, transform, and set fire to the hearts of women, to apply God’s very practical, loving genius to the demands of everyday life. He adds the ‘extra’ to ‘ordinary’, and this show is about how that works in a very practical day-to-day sense.  

“Woman to Woman” radio promotes women’s well-being and spiritual growth through in-depth discussion of women's issues, to give practical lifestyle information.  Phyllis Wallace and her guests motivate and instruct listeners on how to make the transition from “hearing” to “doing.” 

Watch the video below for more information on Woman to Woman.

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